Welcome and Hello!

Hi y’all, welcome to Why News Sucks, I am your hostess Nicole.

As a Journalism student, it has come to my attention how much news sucks, and that’s what I’m here to share with you.

But that’s still to come.

Right now, while I fight the struggles of being a rural, full-time, internal University student and being a part-time night filler at Coles, I want to introduce myself.

By the 24th, I will be both 19 and entering the final two weeks of my first year of University.

And it’s daunting.


But anyways, I’m half AU and half IT. So naturally when I don’t like watching AFL or soccer I’m a kind of outcast in either culture. My love for NFL makes it worse, and trust me I’ve heard all the criticism; don’t make me tell you where to shove it.

I’m an avid lover of music and dance, but I can only dance; so I’m more of a appreciator of music. And I’ve also heard all the criticism about Country music, and it’s BS.

Because Country music is fabulous.

And there’s nothing you can say to change my opinion of that. Nothing.

I want to get my ideas for this out in the open:

  1. I want to reach out to the public and see what they think of the news.
  2. I want to express my own thoughts on the ‘news’.
  3. I want to enlighten you to what I mean when I say “The news sucks.”
  4. I don’t want to be another cliche, #aNOThercliche much?

But so far that’s about it.

I want to leave you with this Shakespearean passage:

And as imagination bodies forth
The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen
Turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name
– William Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

News is news, but news isn’t newsworthy anymore #KimKardashianWestWho?

And I want to wish y’all a good end to your day, because I’m signing off

Love always, Nicole



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