Opinion: Don Dale

WARNING: The content isn’t necessarily explicit, but you’ll more than likely have a problem with it.

If you weren’t living under a rock at the tail end of July, you probably would have heard about the Don Dale Detention Centre Scandal. Or at least the 6 Indigenous boys who were severely mistreated.

The breaking Four Corners show titled Australia’s Shame” can be found here.

But what I’m about to predominantly analyse is how local South Australian papers handled the story.

Note: most of these articles were published only days after the Four Corners report.

The first:


And the story to go with it:


Note: The image and text are not in proportion

Firstly, there is not explanation to why Mr. Voller (pictured) is restrained. The article also lacks any difference from what a recap of the night before’s Four Corners report.

This in itself is appalling as there was so much social media amp up to promote the viewership for “Australia’s Shame.”

While there is nothing honestly wrong with the article, it was poorly placed within The Advertiser. 

The front page was a quarter full with an ad for a Nick Fury comic.


Better yet, on page two there was nothing more than a Sip’N’Save advertisement. They had a promotion in conjunction with the Adelaide Crows.

Because as Australian’s we all love Australian Rules Football. And as Australian’s we’re all alcoholics, don’t forget that.

We get mad when others stereotype us, but we can do it ourselves? Logic = 0

But that’s another story.

If you read the article, you may have missed the language which was adapted. Words such as “assumed” and “seemingly.”

Just in case they’re wrong, y’know? They could have gone back and pointed it out like:

“Ha ha, sorry I never confirmed that. See?”

This next article was the one o found most interesting:


It claims to “add perspective” and I agree. Highly.

It talks about the videos and photos shown in the Four Corners exclusive.

For instance, the photo above of Mr Voller is not explained in The Advertiser, it was neither explained on Four Corners either.

Mr Voller was restrained for his own well-being after he told guards he was going to “break [his] hand” and he was chewing his mattress.

As for the “bag” over his head. This article describes it as a “mesh [hood] to stop him spitting on guards.”

The one part of this article I disagree with is the passage:

“Voller has been in and out of detention centres since he was 11.”

This is the second par of column three. If you can or have read the article, you should understand what I mean.

One second it’s all about Four Corners omitting information. Then about Mr Voller. To “A court was told he attacked his mother.”

The succession of events created a bias which is highly disgusting.


I want to draw your attention to a comic published in The Australian by renowned comic artist Bill Leak:


I personally do not believe that this had any racist intentions, although many people did.

The cartoon is asking you to look past what the government has done, and look to the way they were brought up.

It wants you to realise that yes, the government was at fault but they were doing their best to deal with the cards they were dealt.

And these cards, per say, are in juvenile detention for a reason.

That reason is more than likely the way they were or were not brought up. Their free reign, or their strict upbringing.

Since then, this was uploaded to twitter:


I think the caption says it all here.

This kind of thing knows no specific race.

I leave you with this:

As a journalist, there are certain rules and customs that need to be abided by and upheld.

Because reporting like this is truly disgusting.


Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

–  Nicole.


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