The survey is in

Hey y’all,

I want to welcome you back, and let you know I’ll probably never read another newspaper willingly again.

But besides that, I gathered the opinions of my peers and family friends as well as strangers (alert) through my trust friend SurveyMonkey.

In one of our Media Contexts tutorials we were given an article to read. The article had been changed and the facts did not align.

I used an extract of this and asked for the public’s opinion (shown below):


76% of people correctly identified that this article included a high amount of bias but only 36% thought that the facts were wrong.

And a whopping 12% thought that the article was factually correct.

Notice that the date of publication is attached to the extract, and at the bottom of the photo there is a phrase which states “connections to Barack Obama.”

A sleeper agent with connections to Barack Obama? 7 years before Mr Obama made it to office?

A month after 9/11?

I do NOT think so.

But some people did. And that’s surprising. Excuse me, did you even read the article?

Continuing on, when asked to rate different sources of news the following results were presented:

Print (Newspaper): 5.5/10

Television (Commercial): 5.32/10

Radio (Commercial): 5.04/10

Television (Non-Commercial): 4.88/10

Online (News): 4.88/10

Radio (Non-Commercial): 4.15/10

Online (Social Media): 3.70/10

Print (Magazine/Tabloid): 2.73/10

Six out of eight of the answers shown above have relatively similar score with social media dragging behind and tabloids even further behind.

This is more than likely to do with the horrible reputation tabloid journalists have created for themselves.

When asked what they thought made their first choice the most reliable, some people were unsure or thought simply “because it’s on telly” it was reliable.

36.67% of people thought that print in the form of magazines and tabloids were where the most bias news was found.

Social media followed with a percentile of 26.67.

What surprised myself was non-commercial television news scored 3.33% but print (newspapers) scored 0%.

Without trying to sound bias, I think that that may be incorrect.

Or someone couldn’t be bothered pull up another tab and check Google.

Although looking at the rest of the respondent’s answer, I realise that you really can’t help some people. #sorrynotsorry

Below are the responses to a question which asked: Why do you think news is bias?


And the results are clear:

Majority of you think that news sucks, or at the very least can agree that it is horribly biased.

So I leave you with the words of George Santayana:

A man’s feet should be planted in his country, but his eyes should survey the world.

Until next time,

It’s been a pleasure.

At least I think it has x



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