What the Trump?


What has gotten everyone’s attention lately? The presidential election?

So let’s “grab [it] by the p***y” and get this show on the road.

Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States Wednesday foternoon, local time (AEDT).

Will this happen?

And what does he stand for?


The more the merrier.

According to his personal website donaldjtrump.com Americans right to “keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period.”

Which is disturbing if you watch this video by Vox.

But some of his messages are mixed and muddled.

For instance, in another video by Vox, they said: “he is a man with an appetite for supressing dissent through violence.”

But why does he now have a problem with protesters? Are they not violent enough?

Or is it because that they aren’t supporting the same things he supports?

There was a live update on the post-election protests run by The Guardian, and a chilling video sums up what a lot of us Australian’s were thinking. You can view it here.

AUSTRALIA lost around$35 billion on the Australian Stock Exchange.

UNITED STATES stock markes dropped lower than post-9/11 after Donald Trump picked up Ohio, North Carolina and Florida in the election.

And the highlight of Trump’s day was probably seeing the Mexican Paso drop 10 per cent compared to the US dollar, which is the worst fall in more than two decades.

Read more about this here.

Via Reuters you can also read the latest developments following Trump’s win.

Do American’s really want to re-locate to Canada?

The short answer… yes.

CBC News spoke to immigration lawyer Heather Segal who said that contact from Americans has “progressively increased” and there’s a “different feel” from the last time.

Every city has a Donald Trump; ours is just the Trumpiest – Padma Lakshmi


The short version of this, is that there seems to be a similarity to racism both now and roughly 50 years ago. See here.

And also while we’re talking about the past, watch Stephen Colbert do this.

But this story should have two sides.

Recently winning an honourary Walk of Fame Star for Special Achievement on Social Media, Canadian Nicole Arbour has weighed in on the matter.

(Note: you will have to locate the live stream yourself. Title: My thoughts on the Trump Win and America’s reaction)


I guess the real fact of the matter here is that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you write. News doesn’t always suck because it is represented badly.

It sucks because we don’t know how to read or interpret behaviour anymore.

Sure news sucks, but as the human race, we suck just as much. If not more.

And that’s why we think news is bad. It’s not always the news, it’s also us.

We are to blame for out short attention spans and seeing all the negatives.

We are the media trolls.

We have the ability to be the greatest generation yet, but we’re too focused on the #mannequinchallenge, Snapchat and Instagram.

Because you’re no one unless you have more than a thousand followers.

We are the problem.

We are a disgrace.

And I’m glad I know this now.


So i’m going to make like Obama, because I’m out.

Thanks for everything.


Disclaimer: the only thing I’m sad about it the fact that there is no “BURN” factor left to this video. This That 70’s Show, Kelso style burn.

Photos: via Marie Claire



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